Reduce Your Upgrade Downtime by 80% or more – Upgrade to 10x with TRANSFORM.S3®


Don’t UPGRADE your data – TRANSFORM your data!

  • Fastest upgrade path for Infor Lawson 10x.
  • An actual upgrade in place
  • Your Lawson enterprise application live in a matter of hours, not days.
  • It is Here! It is Now!

Infor Lawson is most likely the single largest software application you operate. Over years of operation, data has accumulated and the size of the database has introduced new challenges of administration, logistics and even the nightmare of planned and unplanned downtime. And, having Lawson off-line for any reason will impact your entire organization.

Whether you are on 8.x or 9.x, we have the tools and expertise to get you to the next stage of Infor Lawson as pain-free as possible. NO OTHER LAWSON VENDORS HAVE THIS SOLUTION. As you plan your next major Lawson application upgrade, you will not only introduce new technologies and provide enhanced application functionality, you will also be challenged with ensuring the server and database environment will support the migration and upgrade effort.

Introducing TRANSFORM.S3®

We are the experts.
Nobody knows upgrades better. TEAMabsolute’s proven upgrade experience and knowledge dates back to v5.x with 100s of successful upgrades. We have developed a framework that takes advantage of your data base engine that in turn provides for the most efficient upgrade in the history of Lawson.

Look to TRANSFORM.S3 as your upgrade solution. 

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