Implementation Methodology

What Makes Us Different?

Our implementation methodology

ClearSky’s FastTrack Implementation approach is an iterative and incremental approach to a swift and successful implementation of your Infor Lawson Applications and related technologies. By teaming with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Project Management team, we ensure you come away from the project with a fluid understanding of your applications. Planning and collaboration are Key Principals to our approach – with a goal of maximizing value while minimizing cost. Our Team-Based methodology allows us to bring in the right resources at the right time – reducing downtime and providing the necessary expertise to make your project and team success.

Every successful project begins with planning. As part of each implementation or upgrade project, our technical and business consultants will work with your team on the planning process. As needed, we will look at hardware and system requirements, ensuring that your system is ready, and providing system and hardware recommendations where necessary.

Each project is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. During the implementation process, we will employ an iterative and incremental approach – with each iteration beginning with a planning session. A small team will enable focus and an exacting execution for milestone sprints. Quality control acceptance and sponsor approval will be solicited at each milestone completion checkpoint.

Your organization’s involvement in the implementation will be substantial, with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) owning the implementation process. ClearSky Technical and Business Consultants will act as Mentors and Advisors throughout the implementation process, working to ensure your team’s deep knowledge of the implemented modules, while keeping overall costs down.

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A detailed implementation plan will be developed for each project after evaluating and reviewing specific factors such as:

Client business objective and drivers

Module(s) being implemented

Client department structures and sizes

Resource availability

Other system dependencies

Company direction and critical dates